Being Successful comes down to which approach you have. Which one are you?

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When we communicate with someone on the street for the first time, we find out how they found you, who they know that you know, what their interests are etc etc.

However, when everyone comes online and joins social networks they tend to forget this.
They don’t get to know someone first, they turn into advertisers and try to convince everyone that they have to join there business. Their business is a 2 by 15 matrix with spillover, travel expenses
paid for, matching bonuses, automatic re-entry, automatic leads, just get 3 blah blah blah.

No one wants to know.

What happens in traditional business? People think I need an ice cream so they go to the ice cream shop. I need a new shirt so they goto the clothes store. What’s happended here people have a issue and they find a solution. Advertising does happen on TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, magazines and the internet. Most of the time this type of advertising is general and not targeted to specific groups.
As a result the advertisers have to spend thousands or millions every year to get into buyers minds. They are using branding advertising. You know what I mean. You have be seeing it from when you where a baby.

So this is what you need to do with your Network Marketing business. You need to brand you as someone who can help someone quit their job, live the life they dreamed of, play golf everyday, work from home, swim in the pool all day, earn extra income etc. But wait you tried this and it was too hard. Yes, this is hard. Most people will only dream and not take the action required and get to work. However, some people are convinced that they want to do what every it takes to succeed.

There are the people you want to work with. Why would I want to do this though? These people just joined an opportunity. Here’s the thing, most of the money that is make in this industry is made by people that sell shovels to the miners. What do you mean? What I mean is this. People joining opportunites are miners because they are looking for gold. What do miners need then? Picks, shovels, helmets, torches, boots etc.
So you need to sell the picks, shovels, helmets, torches etc to the miners.

Is that OK?

Become a shovel seller or solution provider.

Any questions leave me a comment

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Phil Williams


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