Huge News Mike Dillard Sponsors 15 people in 3 years

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What am I thinking.  15 people in 3 years ! That’s crap.

Well that depends.

Mike has targeted quality people rather than quantity.

Listen to this Webinar, first.

Listen to the whole Webinar.

Quick Summary.

  • You need to Offer Value. Which you can do even if you haven’t earnt a penny yet.

Focus on learning and sharing.

Focus on one thing.

Mike FOCUSED on one thing initially to generate leads, Pay Per Click (PPC) using Google, Yahoo and the other PPC Networks.

Once he became a Master at PPC.  He can now market anything using PPC.

  • You Decide to be a Leader.

Being a Leader is a State of Mind not how much money you make.

A Leader directs someone to where they need to go next. For example watch a Webinar, goto a Website, listen to an audio, read an email or newsletter, watch a video etc.

As a leader you say:

I am not going to call you after this first conversation,

however, you can call me 24/7 with any questions

  • Make Sacrifices

Many people fail in direct marketing because they can not over come their fears.

Mike had a fear of calling people on the phone. I’m sure we can all relate to this.

However, he overcame this fear by taking a job where he had to make 300 cold calls per day to Doctors taking about the companies Medical products.

Mike cured his fear of the phone in 3 days.

Luckily for us we don’t have to make cold calls because we follow attraction marketing principles.

Don’t know what I’m taking about ? You may need to purchase Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring course then.

Some sacrifices you may need to make are watching less TV, less time cleaning, less time socialising ( there will be more later) etc

  • Mikes formula to go from 9 to 5 worker to an entrepreneur in 90 days
  1. Generate Traffic – 30 to 50 leads per day
  2. Convert Traffic – They need to take action listen to a Webinar, become a lead, purchase a product, join your business
  3. Talk to them on the phone – doing this will at minimum double your conversions

  • Before you goto bed make a list of 5 tasks you need to do the next day.

Remember each task is like a brick and 5 bricks added each day means you are a step closer to building your house.

Mikes products

Mike speaks about his products in the Webinar:

Building on a Budget

Free video series people how to build their business on a budget

Magnetic Sponsoring

System which teaches Attraction Marketing and provides a lead generating System too use

MLM Traffic Formula Website

Everything Mike’s has learnt and put into the one course.

Black Belt Recruiting

Free video interview series with recruiting expert Mark Wieser on the techniques on how to talk to prospects and how Mark personally sponsors more than 250 a year and how you can too.

PPC Domination

Free video interview with Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Jim Yaghi, and Mike Dillard on how to generate hundreds of leads with Google Adwords

PS .  I am in the same Primary Company that Mike is in.

Follow me on Twitter and I will Direct Message you what the website is.



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